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Chris Hanson

CEO and Founder

A four-time tech and founder, Chris formed his first company while still in school at the University of Pennsylvania. He sold his gamified LMS, Eager, as an open box solution to a large charter school network. While his fellow Ivy League compatriots were interviewing for jobs, he was hustling to scale his company to thousands of users. Finding new ways to influence consumer behavior and quantify online is his deep passion.

Erik Luhrs

B2B Marketing Specialist

Erik is the creator of The GURUS Selling System, and The One-of-a-Kind-Business Strategy, and author of the book BE DO SALE. Over the past 25+ years Erik has worked with solopreneurs, SMBs, Mid-Market companies, and F500 companies such as Credit Suisse, LG, Microsoft, IBM, McGraw-Hill, Wells, Fargo and many more.

Natalie Grogan

B2C Marketing SPecialist

Natalie is a business consultant with 15 years of diverse experience in both sales and marketing, having worked with hundreds of clients across the B2C, B2B, B2G, e-commerce, technology, science, and consumer goods industries. She specializes in strategic direction for companies in transition such as startups, new product launches, penetrating new markets, and revitalizing.

“The NO CMO Podcast”, hosted by DJ Ryan Sullivan and You Don’t Need a CMO founder Chris Hanson, pulls back the curtains of startup marketing, giving you an inside look into the financials, statistics, and stories of dozens of YDNACMO startups, including YDNACMO itself.

Influencer, Agency, Founder….wherever you fit in the startup universe, this is the hard-hitting, no BS video podcast you need in your arsenal.

You Don't Need A CMO

No budget to hire a CMO or work with an agency?

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You Don't Need A CMO
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  • Access our exclusive Slack community
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You Don't Need A CMO
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  • Access our exclusive Slack community
  • Live Q&A
  • Resource archive

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